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Why I love JSHC

Why I love the Speech and Hearing Center

4:00 am Orangedale, FL, 2005. As I lay in bed, with my eyes wide open, just like so many nights before, I try and process all the information and new words like autism spectrum and communication disorder. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into years, my wife and I did a lot of crying, praying, learning, and eventually advocating. We were committed to finding the best available solutions for our son, Ryan. Doctor’s appointments were family events with little sister, Sydney always helping cheer us through. I have seen the benefits of early diagnosis and the advantages that a medical professional can provide in the development of an individual. Ryan is now an honor student at the University of Central Florida and he and Sydney are actively enjoying student life in Orlando. The Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center has been providing communication services to the North Florida community for almost 75 years and the dedicated team of medical professionals and community ambassadors have helped thousands and thousands of people benefit from the power of communication. My name is Brian Clark, I am proud to serve as Board Chair for this amazing organization. Please join us in blessing someone with the gift of communication and donate to the Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center. On behalf of my family, my fellow Board of Directors, and our entire team….Thank you and Godspeed!

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